Saturday, October 25, 2014

TRENDnet TEG-S50G Gigabit Ethernet Switch Physical Teardown

A project that I'm working on needs an small embedded Gigabit Ethernet switch, so I decided to tear down the consumer one that I own to see what the board looks like inside. I wasn't able to find many pictures of what's on the inside of these little switches online.

This is the TRENDnet TEG-S50G (Amazon, Newegg) that I actually purchased refurbished (note the RB- prefix on the part number) from TigerDirect earlier this year for $10 after rebate. It is the V3.0R version based on the label on the bottom.

It has a nice metal chassis with 5 RJ-45 ports on the back and a 5.5mm OD barrel jack for power.

The supply that came with it is for 5V, 1A.

It's just two flathead Philips screws to get it open, where you can see that the board fills the enclosure and is held down by two panhead Philips screws.

Here is the board removed from the enclosure. Under the heat sink is the chip that runs the whole show.

Lastly, here are the board dimensions, 110mm x 65mm. The tallest component is the heat sink, which sticks up 15.3mm above the top of the board. The board thickness is 1.67mm. The two mounting holes are 100mm apart, and at 3.2mm diameter appear to be clearance holes for M3 fasteners.

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